September 4, 2008

Being Sore

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“I’ll spank you until you can’t sit down.” This is the classic spanking threat,and it’s very powerful. Alas, after years of spanking play I’ve come to a conclusion: short of breaking bones, this can’t be done. If it could the folks at AEG would have found a way. They can, however, make it difficult to do so. Even more, they can make it hard for a kinky girl to pursue activities outside the studio.

I used to shoot every week. This was great fun, but let me assure you if I ever got spanked at home it was doubly painful. Being a spanking model is even better incentive to be good than a regular spanking. This time, I shot for the first time in a long while right before the Shadowlane party. The party was exciting,but play was a whole different experience afterward!

On the other hand, I actually think it helped my marks heal faster. All that spanking broke up the blood under the surface and they’ve already faded to near non existence. Timing really is everything,I guess.

September 2, 2008

Mr. M Makes Me Cry

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Last week I had the pleasure of shooting for AEG again after a long break. Actually, I wouldn’t quite call it pleasure because I’m very out of practice. I suppose that you all will enjoy it, though. Why? Because I’m always big on reactions, but when it’s been a while it’s all even more dramatic.

I said I didn’t really want to shoot with wood this time because I was headed directly to the Shadow Lane party the next day and I wanted to be able to play. I picked out three implements that I thought wouldn’t bruise too badly. Some people might think that picking leather makes me a wimp,but I assure you that Mr. M can make it quite hard. Don’t believe me? I’m sure we can arrange for you to experience it…

Anyway, I cried from the very first spanking with the *ahem* light strap. I couldn’t hold still for the second one, and when I agreed to be spanked with a hairbrush against my better judgment, it broke. My bottom:1 Hairbrush:0. YAY! Unfortunately,the bath brush he replaced it with fared far better the hairbrush.

All in all, I’d say it was a decent reintroduction to the world of AEG. I’m sure Mr. M will have many more opportunities to make me cry, and fortunately or unfortunately, they probably won’t be right before parties.

June 11, 2008

Fun In The Sun

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Well, I’ve just arrived home from the Florida Moonshine party and it really was a blast. I don’t get to see much of the beach in Colorado,so it was really exciting to be right on the water.

There are several highlights of this party for me. First, I’ve been waiting since before Christmas to pay for the belt that The London Tanner made for me. I knew it was going to be hard so I didn’t want to do it first thing. On the other hand,I’d been waiting for months and was kind of beyond wanting to wait anymore. I ended up receiving my six strokes on Saturday evening. Ian kindly allowed me to have a friend hold my hands down so I wouldn’t end up with extra strokes.

I remember being shocked at how quickly he demanded that I count the strokes. Usually I wait until I have my breath back,but Ian wanted the numbers right away. I managed it, but it was definitely difficult.

Other highlights include the massive schoolgirl role play on Saturday morning. We all had our uniforms inspected and Niki and I were some of the few that had no violations. Unfortunately my report card was not nearly as good and I was punished with a smacked bottom. It really stung!

I also came in second place in the spanking trivia contest! My prize was a lovely strap by the London Tanners made specially for the party. They don’t sell this one on the site,and it’s really beautiful. I’m happy to have it, although I will admit that I was less happy to bring it home to my boyfriend…

Overall a wonderful party. The organizers at FMS really outdid themselves and I’ll definitely be attending future events!

May 24, 2008

Remember This Next Time…

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My bottom is sore today. Very sore in fact, and bruised. As soon as I got up I ran to look in the mirror and was amazed at what I saw. Now, every time I sit down I think about how it got that way. I’ve heard it said that a sore bottom is the best way to teach a lesson. I guess whoever came up with that knew what they were talking about. I can’t seem to take my mind off the whole incident because it was very embarrassing having my skirt up giving a full view and I think all the neighbors saw! Plus, my bottom was just starting to recover from last week.

Yep, I’ve learned my lesson. The lesson is: watch where you are walking! That’s right, I was carrying bags of groceries and moving some items out of my way while walking backward. Recipe for disaster? You bet. I tripped and fell backwards onto my bottom. My skirt went up over my head and the neighbors across the street who were having a yard sale looked on amused. I recovered well enough, but I’m quite sore today. I sure hope I don’t get into any trouble, my bottom is in no shape for punishment!

May 21, 2008

They Never Learn

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How many spankings have I received on camera? Hundreds. How many spankings have I received off camera? Hundreds. So you might be tempted to think that I could learn some things.

Like, when your boyfriend asks you if you need a spanking the answer should be,”No”

Or, if you’re missing your hairbrush don’t ask him if he’s seen it.

Also, do any relevant tidying up of clothing accessories (such as belts) when he is not paying attention. Do not leave them laying around the living room.

Additionally, do not cook meals that require the use of wooden spoons or rubber spatulas. Sandwiches are fine. Restaurants are better.

There are more of these pearls of wisdom, but I guess I just can’t learn. I keep finding myself in bottoms up situations because I seem unable to avoid them.

Any suggestions?

May 17, 2008


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I don’t remember what started it, but last night I found myself holding my boyfriend’s belt and running from him. He came after me saying,”Oh you’re holding a belt!” That sealed my fate. The next thing I knew I was face down on the bed and he was whipping the belt down on my bottom and thighs.

Everyone knows that I am a wimp, but this time I was ridiculous. Even over my jeans I found it excruciatingly painful. His response to my wiggling was, “Yeah, put your feet in the way, put your hands in the way, let me know how that works out for you.” At one point I nearly wiggled off the bed because I was so mad at the belt. He caught me though and said, “You’d better calm down.” He put his weight on me and I panted and struggled but eventually did calm down.

Unfortunately for me that wasn’t the end. Calming down was just his cue to continue. When he was done he left me on the bed and told me I could take a couple of minutes. I needed them. Ouch!

May 16, 2008

What We Give

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Just wondering if anyone who enjoys spanking videos ever gives any thought to the girls behind the video. Do they realize that we are real people with real lives and that we’ve sacrificed to do what we do? Do they assume we are drug addicts? Do they think we share their fetish? Would they be upset if their daughters did what we do?

I became a spanking model because it sounded fun and I’d enjoyed watching spanking videos forever. I wondered what it was like to be on the other side of the camera. And, it has been fun. I’ve met some “stars” and I’ve gotten to explore my kink and my fantasies in a way I probably couldn’t have done without the zoom lens and lights.I wouldn’t give up this experience for anything! Yet, I’ve given some things up too.

My privacy. I had a vanilla myspace account once upon a time. Then someone recognized me as Bailey and posted it to a spanking board. On that site were pictures of my parents and friends among other things. Did that person do wrong? I dunno. But I no longer use that account. I know that if I post a picture of myself in any vanilla context I risk being outed by insensitive spankos. Such is life right?

I’ve limited my job options. No, most things aren’t closed to me but do you think I can be a teacher or have a job in politics? I don’t mind this, but I do realize that some things are closed to me. The first female president can some day thank me for giving up my spot!

My parents know about what I do. Did I intend to tell them? Not so much. I won’t go into detail about the hows, but let me assure you that it has affected the way we view each other. Similarly, do you think I will ever have a lover who won’t know? Probably not. There is a certain amount of legacy here.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy to deal with these things. Every choice has consequences, after all. I just get sick of hearing how we are trashy or deserve what happens to us. When my personal space is violated and someone says,”You brought it on yourself” it makes me wonder.

Who do people really think we are?

I know who I am. I’m an intelligent young woman. I have a spanking fetish. I made a conscious choice to pursue my kink in spite of the potential consequences. Does that mean that you have a right to treat me as less of a person? I think not.

May 12, 2008

Surprise Spankings

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Do you think all spankings have to have a reason? I personally I rather enjoy it when my boyfriend surprises me with a spanking! The other night I had just such an experience. I had just closed my computer and was headed to bed when he pounced on me and pulled me over his knee.

Let me tell you, I never get over being surprised by the pain. I’m also always shocked at how much a hand spanking hurts. Of course, these two things were intensified by the fact that I was not expecting this spanking and had no chance to prepare for it. I struggled so hard that he had to pin me down and keep me immobile!

The next day I was sore, not just from the spanking. My whole body was feeling the effects of the struggle and surprise. It reminded me all day long of how much he cares for me. I think that can be a pretty good reason all by itself!

April 30, 2008


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I am always conflicted about whether I prefer to know how many strokes I am going to receive during a punishment or not. On the one hand, knowing you are going to get a very severe ten stroke paddling does allow you a little bit of room to “hold out” until the end as it were. I’m not sure I would feel the same way knowing I was going to get a very severe 100 strokes hairbrushing, though.

My boyfriend used to take a different approach. He never told me how many strokes I was going to get,but he always had me count out loud. In a way that was horrible because if we got to 11, I knew it would be at least 20, if 21 at least 30, etc. He hasn’t done this in a while though. I think he decided that my counting was helping me get through it.

There is also the question of whether a spanking should be short and swift, or drawn out with a slower buildup. This depends in large part on what you are aiming to achieve I suppose.

April 26, 2008

In Trouble

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Tonight is one of those rare time when I’m in trouble for something real. It’s not such a big deal, but big enough that the boyfriend isn’t happy. I’m a little cranky about it myself. The theory is that we are going to take care of it here soon, but he does occasionally fall asleep or get too tired.

For my part,I never know what to make of that. If we don’t take care of it promptly I get a stay of execution, but I also have to wait . I am no good at waiting. It makes me well, cranky. I also have things to take care of myself tonight,and it’s hard to focus on anything else if I have a punishment looking over me!

So, wish me luck.I am sure you will all get to hear my whining on the other side. In the mean time I’m a bundle of nerves and I don’t have anything overly articulate to share with you.

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