April 25, 2008


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Do you think spanking videos should include sexual play, or should they be straight punishment? I’ve personally always focused on non sexual aspects of spanking because I have a punishment fetish. Yet, there is no denying that I do have a sexual reaction to spanking. When I was young I just knew I felt funny. Now I can identify it.

Yet, when I see an actual sensual style scene it almost always turns me off. The things that push my buttons are always “straight” discipline. What I find interesting, though, is that this seems to be limited to videos and stories. In my real life I do enjoy a certain amount of sensuality with those I’m close to.

It’s really a paradox. So please tell me! Do you separate it,mix it, compartmentalize in some other way (like my real life vs.video distinction)? Whoever thought a fetish would be so complicated!

April 24, 2008


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Everyone loves a good uniform. At least, I do. I have a uniform fetish that might be separate from my spanking fetish, although they often go together. Because of this I very much enjoy authenticity. Of course, authentic uniforms are harder to get your hands on than you might think. So I have often had to settle.

There is another camp of uniform lover, though. This is the “fetish uniform” rather than the uniform fetish. This includes clothing items in the category of extremely short school skirts, high healed Mary Jane shoes and tight slutty nurse uniforms and nun habits. These are meant to evoke the feeling of the uniform while corrupting them into something decidedly more “adult” and “alternative.”

So what’s your preference? Should a “schoolgirl” look like a school girl, or a porn star? Do you like the naughty nurse or do you want your scenes straight laced?

April 19, 2008


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I’ve always had a hard time with this one. In my relationship my boyfriend expects me to tell on myself if I’ve done something that violates our agreements.It’s very rare for me to intentionally break any of our rules, but it’s also really hard to tell on myself. It’s a good thing I have a natural tendency toward a guilty conscience or it would be really tempting to keep things hidden.

Which brings me to another point. I know many people who feel that it should really be up to the Top to find reasons to punish, and the spankee shouldn’t have to furnish them. They figure if they aren’t caught then it’s no harm no foul. I think the extent to which these people are in “serious” disciplinary relationships differs a bit.

So, I hate to confess my crimes, but I also hate to keep them to myself. That’s a catch 22. What do you think?

April 17, 2008

Are Accidents Fair Game?

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Once upon a time I played a board game with my boyfriend. He really enjoys this board game and we played it often. We would invite friends over and make homemade salsa as well. Well, one night when we were getting ready to play this game, disaster struck. You see, I accidentally knocked over my water glass right on the board game! It was horrible. The evening was ruined, and it remained to be seen whether or not the game was ruined too.

As you can imagine, my boyfriend was not happy about this. He spanked me for it, although I strongly disagreed. My feeling was that I should not be punished for accidents, especially when I was already going to replace the board game. Since then there has been a rule that I am no longer allowed to have drinks on the same table as the board game. But my question is, are accidents really fair game to punish for? Do you think people should have to intentionally break a rule in order to be responsible?

What about repeat offenses? If an accident is understandable the first time,is it still understandable the third time? I don’t know. There is definitely a line where I think accidents go from normal to careless, but I’m not sure what it is.

April 15, 2008


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My boyfriend is a meanie head. Yes, that’s right. He spanked me with a hairbrush today. It came about because I was stupid enough to point out that we have extra hairbrushes around this place. We have several spanking hairbrushes,most of which never get used. One in particular I’ve had for years but I’ve never been spanked with it. Ever. And it’s not useful for my kind of hair. So I suggested that we should throw it away. Apparently suggesting that spanking hairbrushes that have never been used be thrown away is the perfect way to get them used against you.

He called me into the kitchen and bent me over the counter. He told me to raise my skirt and then I stood there very exposed and embarrassed. The kitchen is an especially embarrassing choice because I always feel that the neighbors can see in the windows. They probably can’t but it does have a fish bowl effect. Anyway. Before I knew it he brought the brush down twice on my left side. I cried out and with my characteristic self control I jumped up. My boyfriend immediately pushed me back down and brought the hairbrush down again on the right side.

Then he put it down and walked away. Yeah. I was as disappointed as you are while also being relieved. I do have a bullseye mark on both sides. So, I guess he made them count.

April 12, 2008


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What do you think the proper time is to administer a spanking? I love to read stories about bratty girls with bad attitudes. I’m sure you all know the kind we are talking about here. The spoiled princess who has never had to answer to anyone. Eventually she encounters someone who is not willing to put up with the crap anymore and she ends up over the knee for a good dose of the hairbrush until all the fight is gone.

But, does this really work? I can tell you that in my own life I’ve never responded well to a spanking when I was angry. Will I eventually stop fighting to end the pain? Sure. Will I actually come away feeling sorry and wanting to make any changes? No way. I’ll just be more angry at the Top for forcing the issue. In my relationship I almost always am given time to wait and think things over. I don’t always come around, but I’m always far more likely to be receptive if everyone involved is feeling calm about the situation.

So what do you think? Is it better to break through the walls or let the naughty girl break through them herself?

Cheating or Not?

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Over on the Happy Tails forum there was recently a very lively discussion about whether or not engaging in spanking play with someone other than your spouse is cheating or not. I’d be curious to know how you folks feel about it. I think you all know that I have a boyfriend because I write about him often. It may be disappointing to hear, but he isn’t Coach Daniels! So, it is probably obvious that I do engage in spanking play with people who are not my primary relationship.

I don’t consider this to be cheating for a specific reason: my boyfriend and I have a relationship that allows for this. He is fully aware of my actions (along with plenty of other internet viewers) and is comfortable with what I’m doing. We’ve discussed comfort levels etc and everyone is on the same page. I don’t lie to him. If it was something I had to lie about, you bet I would consider it cheating. That is the same reason I’ve made a decision to only play with other people who are able to be honest about their activities. If I know someone is lying to their wife or husband and sneaking off to events, I’m just not comfortable playing with them. This isn’t a judgment, it’s just where my personal boundaries are.

So what do you think? Is cheating caught up in an action or an understanding?

April 5, 2008

Partner Up

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I’m just curious, do you have any models you would specifically like to see me with? I was thinking about other girls who have their own sites like Jessica and Brandi and how they often would work together. I haven’t really done much in the way of multi girl shoots, but I figure ya’ll must have some fantasies.

Of the girls I’ve been spanked with, Niki Flynn is high on my favorites list. I’ve also enjoyed working with Monica. I always thought it would have been fun to work with Sarah and/or Brandi. I think the types of scenes we could do would be really dependent on the personalities of the girls, and we could really do a wide variety of scenes.

I think it sounds fun! I’m just curious to hear your thoughts. How do you change things up?

April 4, 2008


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I have a friend here tonight who has been itching to spank me. He’s spanked me before, most recently with random items that he found around his house. I’m trying to decide whether or not I want him to, though. It’s always a dilemma for me, because it’s rare for me to have the opportunity to get the kind of spanking that I enjoy on the physical level. On the other hand, when I’m desiring of a spanking usually it isn’t the kind i’ll enjoy.

The result is that either way I’m missing something. I’m beginning to think I’m just greedy! So what do you think, should I go for the fun spanking from the friend or hold out for the less fun spanking from the boyfriend? Do you think it’s possible to have both? I’m so conflicted!

April 2, 2008


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Over at WSF the question has been raised about realism in spanking videos. There seems to be a pretty clear distinction between those who want to see bare bottoms every time no matter what and those who want to see scenarios presented in a realistic way. That is to say, if a school scenario, clothes stay on etc.

The debate is, which side is actually more “realistic” when it comes down to it? Sure, everyone knows that in schools across the country students are not taken into the hallway and made to drop their drawers. In that sense, depicting a scene on a spanking site where the jeans stay up is very realistic. Then again, it means that the members don’t get to see some of the things that to them indicate realism.

I guess this is where fetish comes in. For someone who has eroticized “real bare bottom spankings” his entire life, he may well feel cheated if he doesn’t see a bare bottom. Another fetishist may have spent her entire life fantasizing about being spanked over her white regulation schoolgirl panties. She may also feel that she has missed something if the experience doesn’t match up. I guess it’s obvious you can’t please everyone. So, what’s the solution?

Would you rather join one site with a wide range of content that caters to several different brands of fetishes such as www.realspankings.com or would you rather join a site that caters to your specific fetish, such as www.otk-spanking.com? I’m really interested here!

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