February 25, 2007

Why Is It…

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That when spanko people go on trips or adventures, they never do so purely for the trip itself? For instance, I recently found myself on an excursion up to a well known National Park. Normally when someone takes a trip to a national park the idea is to go hiking, see sights, admire wildlife, etc. All of these things were on the agenda for my trip as well, but when I go places there always seems to be another goal in mind. I’m sure all of you will really be wracking your brains right now trying to guess what that goal might be. Well I’ll give you a hint: it involves smacking noises coming from behind things like piles of rocks and naturally secluded areas. Sometimes the areas aren’t that secluded at all, actually.

Anyway, this phenomenon is not just a national park thing. I personally have been spanked in varying degrees of undress at almost every single public landmark I’ve visited since I started visiting such places with like-minded people. I wonder why that is? One never sees “normal” people acting out their own fantasies blatantly in public places (although I do have hopes that the normal people don’t see me doing these things either). Do people with a spanking fetish have a higher tendency toward exhibitionism? Is it a matter of my not noticing the exhibitionistic behavior of others because I am not “tuned in” to notice it? Maybe there is a combination. All I know is that when spankos indulge in a public display of affection, it can be heard for hundreds of feet!

February 23, 2007


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As some of you may know thanks to my devoted fan Jeoffry, a bit of mischief was had at the Florida Moonshine party. Truly one of the most entertaining things I did all weekend was wrestling with Niki Flynn at the Saturday afternoon vendor fair.

It started innocently enough. One girl shoved the other girl. I truly can’t remember who started it, but since this is my blog and you all love to think I am naughty, we can say it was me. The shoving was quickly returned in kind, and it did not take long before both of us had thrown down our bags and resolved to fight it out.

Yes, there was much rolling around, and hair pulling. Even some attempted biting, although ultimately I could not be that mean. There was also quite a lot of audience involvement in the form of advice shouted out. Because this was an impromtu event and not something that we planned there were very nearly no photos of any kind. However, one of the spectators (Sandy, thanks so much for sending this to me!) had the presence of mind to pull out her cell phone and capture the end. I think now is the time to let the video speak for itself.

Do note, however, the helpful advice being called out to me by those around us.

February 20, 2007

Florida Revisited

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Well, I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to update over the course of the weekend. However I intend to write a report of the Florida Moonshine Party for you all. The problem is, the party was too big and too full of fun to report every detail. So, I’ll stick to highlights!

First, I need to thank Ian of The London Tanners for showing me the London Tanners World Headquarters. I know not many people are privileged enough to get to visit that sacred space, so I’m honored! It definately was enlightening to see exactly where all of those beautiful implements of destruction are produced.

I also was lucky enough to meet one of my most vocal fans, Jeoffry. I know that I was one of the big reasons he went to the party, and I hope he wasn’t disappointed by the reality of Bailey.  I can tell you that you have a very heavy hand for someone who has never done this before. I definately never want to fall on the wrong side of Jeoffry!

I also had a blast seeing my good friends Niki Flynn and Henry Higgins. We had way too much fun to list everything, but I especially enjoyed bratting with her for the caning demo on Saturday. I didn’t enjoy the canings quite as much, but that is probably ok. Niki and I enjoyed several other antics, including a wrestling match at the vendor fair, and a very eventful trip to dinner on sunday night which resulted in Niki having to stand in the corner before we ever made it back to the hotel.

I met so many people this weekend that I want to mention, including Aurora, Michelle, and Greg. It was so nice to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Everyone was so friendly and normal.

And yes, of course I got spanked several times. My first spanking of the weekend was delivered at Ian’s World Headquarters when I had a strong need to untie Cameron’s shoes. This was followed by a spanking by Jeoffry, several by Cameron, the caning demo by Tony and Cameron, spankings by Dr. Dan, Nikki, Ian… gosh the list goes on and on. Basically, by the end of the weekend I was a very sore girl. Also, I made the mistake of buying a very nasty strap from The London Tanners, as well as accepting a couple of horrible gifts from Jeoffry.  These included an ebony hairbrush, and a very heavy 3 tailed tawse.

I can’t wait for the next party, because there is never enough time to do everything you want to do at these things.

February 14, 2007

Florida Ahead…

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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to write a quick note here and let everyone know I am heading out to the Florida Moonshine Party this weekend.  I will be getting on a plane in the very early hours of the morning! It should be worth it though, because I am going to see many of my good friends like Ian (The London Tanner),  and Niki Flynn and her boyfriend. I will also be meeting my head bailey cheerleader, Jeoffry.
I will be sure to keep everyone updated about the spanking fun.  If I don’t get a chance to write from Florida, you will definately hear from me when I return!

February 11, 2007

Workplace Gossip

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For any of you who wonder if being a spanking model causes a lot of exposure in your vanilla life, I can say, “possibly”. I don’t think it does for everone who models, but for me it certainly has. In fact, there are very few people in my life who do not know what I do for a living. This includes my parents and friends. Honestly at this point in my life I feel that I don’t want to be surrounded with people that I have to hide things from. There is an exception to this, though. I don’t like to talk about my modeling to anyone at vanilla jobs. I’ve always felt that it was none of anyone’s business, and would likely cause issues in the workplace. However, at my last job I didn’t have to talk about it.

I had a housekeeping job at an upscale hotel recently, but due to personal circumstances I was forced to put in my notice after not very long. As it turns out, this was probably a good thing because a week before I was due to work my last shift, I stopped into the operator’s office, and she had a strange look on her face. Finally she said, “I want to ask you a question, and I don’t want you to lie.” I assumed it was something minor, so I said, “ok”. I was not prepared, however, for the question to be, “Do you have a website?”


February 6, 2007

Suggestions Needed!

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I have a problem. My problem is that I am a walking contradiction. I have a spanking fetish. I need spanked like, always. Unfortunately, I hate getting spanked. I always say that I love having been spanked, but getting there sucks. I also am really a good girl. In my private life I am almost never in trouble. In fact, I haven’t been punished for a real offense since hmm August I think. That part is a good thing. However if I am always so good, and rarely provide a reason, then I don’t get spanked. This is a problem, because I have a spanking fetish… gee we are going in circles here.

Anyway, when I go too long without a spanking I tend to get a bit “off.” I get grumpy. I also get frustrated. Misbehaving isn’t going to cut it. I am not comfortable with it, and I wouldn’t like the spanking that I received, even afterward. Real punishment tends to do that to me. I can ask for it, but constantly begging to be spanked doesn’t exactly go over well, either. Plus, it isn’t ever as hot if I have to pester him about it.

So, what is a desperate kinky girl to do? My current plans involve naked crawling with certain items in my mouth. That is the sort of thing that no Dominant male in his right mind can resist, right? I’m honestly not at all convinced that my partner is in his right mind, but that is probably a separate entry. I think the thing to do here is to turn it over to the members. I need suggestions! If one of yours works I’ll be sure I write all about it and give it credit. Of course, this requires actually posting comments, so, go for it! I don’t bite. Really….


February 4, 2007

Scenes I Did Not Want

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I had a member request that I write about some scenes that I really did not want to do. That sounds like a simple request, but for me it is actually fairly complicated. The reason for this is that although I am a spanko, I am not a masochist by anyone’s definition. There was a time in my life when I thought I must be a masochist if I wanted to get spanked, but that was before I’d actually done it. I simply never counted on the extreme amount of pain associated with even a few “light” slaps with a hand. It was very disappointing for me to discover I am a wimp. I really wanted to be a masochist…

Anyway, when I discovered that I am not a masochist I was forced to reassess what it is that I am. I also spent a fair bit of time trying to decide if I actually wanted to be spanked or not. After all it is one thing to have fantasies and another to act on them. Currently my feeling is that I get much more out of having been spanked than I do out of being spanked while it is happening. Consequently, I face pretty much every spanking I ever get with a sense of fear and dread.

Yes, this includes my video shoots. That may be hard to believe, given that being a spanking model is something that I am doing of my own free will, and obviously I get something out of it. And, afterward I am very happy to have survived the experience. Before hand, though, I am usually a wreck. I get very nervous, and can’t eat until my shoot is over. Sometimes I even cry when they are telling me what the scenes for the day will be, and which implements I will be facing. In this sense I can genuinely say that I really do not want any of the spankings that I get.

However, certain scenes and implements certainly scare me more than others. I definitely dread the big wooden school paddle more than any other implement. I don’t know how much of this is in my head. Certainly I have taken very severe spankings with plenty of smaller wood implements that ultimately wound up being more severe than any of the school paddling scenes that I’ve done. That said, I’m not sure I’ve ever had a spanking that did as much damage as quickly as the school paddling. Blow by blow do they hurt more? I’m not sure. They certainly seem to for me. So, any time you see a scene involving a school paddle you can safely assume that I was terrified before it, and most definitely did not want it.

February 1, 2007

Moving Madness

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I recently had the pleasure of moving during a snowstorm. For anyone who has never done this, I highly recommend it. Actually, I am blaming the cold I’ve been fighting this past week on this special moving experience. Still, there were some very nice spankings over the course of the day. Mostly, these were short little episodes that took place spontaneously for such offenses as “breathing”. However one of the incidents was quite intense, and I thought I would recount it for you all. (more…)

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