March 28, 2007


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I’ve heard many members tell me from time to time that I come across as too submissive. These people tell me that although I have wonderful reactions during a spanking, I always seem to accept the pronouncement without comment, and hurry to obey the Top. I know why this is. The reason is that in my personal life I *am* submissive.
I make every effort to avoid getting into trouble in the first place, but if something does happen then my goal is to apologize, accept punishment as gracefully as possible (which we all know is not particularly graceful by any standard), and to return to being a good girl. In fact, I’m very unlikely to even attempt to avoid punishment, yet alone say rude things to my Dominant and fight with him.

However, I have come to understand that there are a number of spanking fans who do not want to see a “true” submissive. What these folks really want to see is a bratty girl who absolutely does not want to be spanked, and will do whatever she can to avoid it. They want to see the rude comments, and they want to see a struggle. So, I’ve tried to oblige these fans. I figured that today might be a good time to tell you about a couple of scenes I’ve shot that fit this resistance mold.

Most of my resistance scenes have been with Mr. Daniels because he is someone I can realistically struggle against without much chance of actually escaping. The first scene I remember doing this way involved my throwing a stuffed animal at him because I thought he was being unfair. The resultant struggle was amazing! We literally went all over the room, and it took great effort on his part to get me down over the bed so that he could punish me.

Another scene that stands out in my head was with Ms. Burns. She was so angry with me for gossiping about her that she began to shake me. Although I tried to get away from her, she kept a tight grip on me and I literally dropped everything in my hands from the force. This was one of those scenes that affected me personally, and I still think about it from time to time.

I’ve shot several scenes along these lines; most of them have not gone up yet. I am hoping that fans of resistance will find the scenes to their liking, because I certainly enjoy shooting them. I think getting a chance to fight back and be a brat is one of the perks of being a spanking model, really. Although it took me some time to get comfortable with this concept, I’ve found it to be an excellent release. Now I don’t have to worry nearly so much about slipping up at home!

March 24, 2007

Affiliate Program!

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Hi Everyone! I just wanted to put a quick update on and let you know that my website is now officially part of the affiliate program over at Spanking Money! It really does start paying off quickly, so if you would like to earn some extra cash and let people know about my site, this is a really good option. Obviously I think everyone should put up links to my site, but I suppose if your site is something like you won’t want to put it up. If, on the other hand, your site is something like then I think you might just want to check out the Spanking Money site for yourself!

March 22, 2007

Toilet Paper Mishaps

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Earlier this week I ran into a minor bit of trouble over toilet paper. You know how women often nag their husbands and boyfriends to replace the empty roll? This time it was me being nagged. Actually, I wasn’t nagged, which is part of the problem. You see, my boyfriend casually mentioned that the bathroom was out of toilet paper on his way out the door. I of course said, “Ok” and then promptly forgot all about it. In fact I think there was a part of me that thought, “do it yourself if it’s bugging you.” Besides I had other important and interesting domestic duties to attend to, such as doing my hair and painting my nails…. (more…)

March 17, 2007

Looking For Excuses

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While visiting at a kinky friend’s house for dinner one night recently I was struck by the arbitrary nature of certain scenarios. You see, this particular friend clearly wanted to spank a pretty girl that evening. The problem was, nobody was giving him a reason. In fact, all the girls who are usually so naughty were behaving themselves very nicely! So, what is a kinky man bent on spanking to do? Why, create a reason, of course! In this instance, my friend simply reached over and took the salt away from my other very well behaved friend and said, “Salt is bad for you, you don’t need this.” Well, the poor girl sat dumbfounded for a few moments, but ultimately did succumb to her need for salt in her soup. I really have to ask, in what other world would it be acceptable to set someone up in such a blatant way? Honestly, what is a good (naughty) girl to do?

March 13, 2007

At the Club

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Last weekend I had a new experience that I thought you all might enjoy. You see, for all that I am a spanking model, I actually do not often get spanked in front of people. Yes, I do occasionally attend spanking parties such as the one hosted by Shadowlane or the Florida Moonshine party. However, these are generally light hearted affairs and are not the kind of severe spankings that are likely to mess with my headspace. Heck, I’m unlikely even to do much more than yelp a bit. The heavier stuff I almost always reserve for private play. Even at video shoots there is rarely more than 2 or three essential people in the room (someone to give the spanking, and someone to run the cameras).

There are several reasons for this. The biggest reason is that I am actually extremely self conscious about my reactions. Are you guys shocked? I know my reactions are very popular with the members, but I always think that people will think I am a wimp (which I am), and that it is funny (which I know it sometimes is). I’ve accepted that those reactions are part of what make my spankings entertaining, and make me popular as a model. However, it is much weirder to do those things in front of an unknown crowd of people who may or may not be so kind about it. So, I pretty much don’t do it. All of that changed for one evening, though, when my boyfriend decided it would be fun to go to the local bdsm club with friends. (more…)

March 10, 2007

The Time Out Room

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I spent one day this week with a friend of mine helping with a temp project at her office. I don’t typically think of a day at the office as having many opportunities for spanking fantasies, but inevitably if left to my own devices long enough I will get visions of Secretary running through my head in between copying and counting.

Today was no different. I was back in the workroom and settled quietly into my routine of folding hundreds of letters to be mailed; letting my thoughts run away with themselves. I didn’t have any specific fantasies but rather random images popping into my head from the past week with my dear friend and play partner, H. Had I been left to ponder these things I am sure that eventually these images running through my head would have put themselves together into a very pleasant fantasy. Instead I got a little bit of help.

Part way through my most recent batch of folding, I heard footsteps behind me in the workroom. I turned to greet the stranger, but was cut short. Rather than a friendly, “hello”, the words that came out of his mouth were, “Are they isolating you back here because you were bad?” Naturally this caught me by surprise. However after I recovered from my moment of shock, I could not resist the opportunity for banter. Without a second thought I answered, “Yes, I’ve been naughty so they put me in the time out room.” His response was to tell me that everybody needs to be naughty once in a while, and then he was gone.

Little did my anonymous co- worker know that this small interaction was enough to start a whole new line of fantasizing… I think I’ll have to see if my friend has any more projects that need to be worked on next week.

March 6, 2007

How Not To Get A Spanking

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Following up on my request for suggestions, I thought I would relay a sad story about a recent attempt of mine to get a spanking. I thought it was a decent idea. My boyfriend has shown a little bit of interest in roleplay from time to time, but he has a hard time putting himself out there. So, I thought it would be fun to put my own fantasies on the line, and drafted him a nice letter from my “teacher” Mr. Jones detailing how I was failing to live up to expectations in class. I had late homework, and poor class work. Worse than that, I didn’t seem to care. I had a bad attitude. The letter suggested that he discuss these matters with me right away.

After writing the letter, I thought it would make it even more fun if it did not come from me. At first I contemplated asking one of our friends to play along, but decided instead to create a new account. Trying to find something that would be fairly obvious, I settled on the account name “Mr.Teacher,” and sent the letter off. At the exact moment that I pushed the send button, however, my partner signed off of the internet and did not return for several hours.

When I finally did hear from him again, I got a message asking me who Mr. Jones was. Trying to push in the direction of the roleplay I responded, “My teacher?” He said, “yes.” After that, I asked him what Mr. Jones had said, and was told to read my e-mail. Yes, my boyfriend fowarded the letter I had just written back to me. Still, I wanted to try to keep in character, so I said, “Are you mad?” At this point things got a little bit silly, because he said, “No, I just want to know what it is about. However, I would appreciate it if you did not give my email out to other people without asking.”

At that point I didn’t think it was a good idea to keep pressing, so I came clean. I explained that I had written the email and created the account because I was hoping to inspire a role playing session. He laughed, and said he knew someone was roleplaying, but he didn’t realize it was me. Apparently my boyfriend thought that someone else I knew was writing to him and asking for permission to play with me. So much for that! However, he thought it was a creative idea and promises that we will make time to roleplay soon. So, basically it totally did not work. It was a good theory with poor execution.

I’m not sure what the moral of the story is. I suppose I overthought the situation. Next time I send a behavior report about myself, I will do it from my email. Although, now he does at least know who “Mr.Teacher” is!

March 1, 2007

Restaurant Antics

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Since I have been talking about the spanko tendency toward exhibitionism, I thought I would write about another of the adventures I participated in while I was in Florida. Many of you may have heard about it already, because I know many people have mentioned it. This particular incident took place at the end of the weekend, when Ian of The London Tanners and the few Florida Moonshine participants who were left decided to go out for a nice dinner.

As usual, I had my naughty companion Niki Flynn with me. Also as usual, we found ourselves engaged in some very interesting behavior. It started innocently enough. A couple of people in our group had been teasing me that I looked younger than I am, and shortly after we sat down an activity book and pencil appeared in front of me. I found this incredibly amusing, and began to play tic tac toe with the person next to me. This was fun and exciting, but when I ran out of grids I moved on to connect the dots. Everyone around me was very impressed with the picture I made. I didn’t even make any mistakes! Things soon escalated, though, when Ian saw fit to have the waiter bring me crayons.

Since I had pretty colors, I thought it would be fun to color one of the pictures in the book. I had a lot of fun, until Niki started trying to add her own color to my picture. I didn’t want her to color the moon blue, but she wanted it to be a “blue moon” and it turned into a fairly serious crayon throwing incident. I was very sad when I got my coloring book taken away for a while, but because I pout cutely I did eventually get it back. I ultimately gave my completed picture to the waiter. He was very appreciative.

The other incident that I was directly involved in had to do with some dipping sauce that landed on Niki’s boobs. Henry Higgins told her to clean it off, and I helpfully volunteered to do it for her. I’m sure all you kinky readers can guess how I wanted to clean her up. Well, after much discussion of the matter, and Ian telling the waiter to spank me if I stood up, I did finally execute the boobie lick with much reaction from the rest of the table. According to the person sitting next to me it also caught the attention of an older gentleman sitting behind us.

However, the high point of the night was when Niki was made to stand in the corner while still at the restaurant. The most amusing thing to me was the interaction of the staff. The waiter was heard saying to the manager, “I’m sorry, she was bad so I had to put her in the corner!” The manager’s response was an offer to go and fetch a dunce cap. Niki herself chimed in with, “Not the paddle!” Sometimes I think we are not as weird as we think we are. Either way, a great time was had by all, and I don’t think the staff were too traumatized.

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