May 29, 2007

Birthday Nervousness

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So, recently we celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday. I always associate birthdays with spanking, but something tells me he is not going to let me spank him. It’s a shame, too, because I really think that every Top should get a dose of his or her own medicine once in a while. However, since he has no intention of allowing me to whack him, another issue arises. Do his birthday swats simply cancel out and disappear, or is someone else obligated to take them?

So far, the pattern has been that he gets a big kick out of threatening to give me his birthday swats (and as he is older than me this is a fairly scary proposition). However, despite a large amount of teasing every year, I have never been spanked for *his* birthday. I have been spanked for Cindy’s birthday, but that is a different story. Anyway, it seems that he would much rather tease me about this than spank me for it. I’m not sure why this is, but I’m also not sure I should complain.

This year however is a bit different. He has not threatened me with any swats at all. In fact when I asked if I should be nervous this year he said no. This could be for two reasons. The first reason would be that he has no intention of spanking me and is not up to teasing me. The other reason could be that teasing me isn’t nearly as interesting as spanking me, and I’m in for it. I could also be overthinking this. In fact, I am almost certainly over thinking this. Nevertheless, I can’t help but wonder why he has deviated from his pattern, and what it means.

Since my compulsively worrying about what may or may not happen before bed tonight is not even a little bit useful, I’ll refer to the earlier question. What do you guys think? Is it up to the bottom in the relationship to take the Top’s swats on his birthday? Should the matter be dropped altogether and spanking only take place when the bottom is unlucky enough to have a birthday? Or, most radical of all, should the Top bend over and get a taste of what they give? I will be most interested to hear your opinion!

May 25, 2007

English Visitor

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So, I promised some reports from my English friend’s visit. We had a lot of fun together and did a couple of excellent scenes. Rather than jump right into those, I thought I would write about my trip to a state park. Consider this a follow up to the “Why Is It” post. You see, my friend loves to be in nature. He also loves to spank pretty girls. Apparently he also loves to spank pretty girls in nature. I “like” to be spanked, but I get a bit nervous when things start to get public. You can imagine my nervousness when I found out that we were going to a popular tourist location on a Saturday. I was worried it would be crowded, and it was.

We drove around quite a while looking for the right place to leave the car. When my friend did finally decide on a stopping place it happened to be the most crowded spot in the park. I was relieved when he suggested we hike away from them a ways. As we hiked I found myself very conflicted between hoping we could find a nice quiet spot and hoping we could not. As you may guess since I am telling you this story, we did. Sort of.

When we arrived at the appointed place I felt secure in the fact that no one else was around to see us. It started simply enough. My friend sat down on a rock and pulled me over his knee. He spanked me quite hard over my jeans and I kicked and squealed and whined. When he finished we stood up, and I tried to hug him believing my spanking to be over. This would have been nice but he insisted on taking my jeans down. Apparently my stated desire for a hug wasn’t going to cut it. I did, however, try several times to get one.

The second round of spanking was even worse than the first! This one really stung my bare bottom in the chilly air. I was just beginning to get desperate when I heard him say, “We have an audience.” “WHAT?!?!” I asked, only to be cut off from further questioning by a volley of hard smacks. “Yes, the people over on that cliff are definitely looking in our direction!” came the reply. Now I never wanted the spanking to end because as painful as it was I knew it could not possibly be as painful as having to get up and face my spectators.

Eventually it did end. I did get my hug, with my bottom strategically pointed toward the onlookers. I did eventually get the guts to look in that direction only to see two hikers who were in fact looking in our direction. Sheepishly I gave a wave and my friend and I headed back down to the crowd of tourists. I wasn’t able to identify them later. I wonder if they recognized me! So, if you happen to be a hiker who saw a girl get a bare bottom spanking at a Colorado state park, please say hello!

May 19, 2007

New Prospects…

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Well, it looks like I may have some excitement coming up in my life! I’ve always enjoyed what I do as a model, but even more than that I am a spanko privately. I love to role play with a willing partner. Although my boyfriend does spank me for various reasons (either for real discipline or because he just feels like it), he is not usually interested in the involved sorts of role playing that I’ve come to enjoy. Luckily, many other people enjoy these sorts of activities as well and I’ve had plenty of opportunities to explore my interests with my friends in the scene. Less luckily, everyone I’ve connected with for role play in the past happens to live on opposite ends of the country at best, and at worst in other countries altogether

This situation led me to begin looking for someone local who enjoys the same things I do. I have to admit I was getting fairly discouraged by the whole thing. Apparently finding someone who is compatible with your kink is harder than it may seem. I don’t want to make any promises, but I’ve been talking to someone who seems very, well, promising!

Why am I bothering to tell all of you? Well, because I’m excited, for one. It’s always fun to share excitement with the world. The other reason is I think it’s cause for you to be excited as well. You see, new possibilities for me also means more stories for you to enjoy. So, I’ll keep you posted if things turn out well. With any luck she and I will be acting out some of our hottest fantasies in short order and you all will get the benefit of hearing about them!

May 17, 2007


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Hi Everyone,

While reading over at the A Farmwife With A Twist blog, I was reminded of an old picture of me. I thought I would share it here, in the hopes that it will trigger some of your own fantasies regarding the fate of the Amish girl caught on the computer!

Personally I would definitely expect she would be in trouble at home. After all, there is a reason that she needs to be protected from this stuff, right? I mean, she could be looking at anything on the internet. We don’t want her innocent eyes to be corrupted!

Really though, I thought it was a funny picture and you would be amused. My photographer certainly was!


May 10, 2007

Once a Dom…

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The other night my friend and I were hanging out watching Secretary with my boyfriend. We all enjoyed this movie before and thought it might provide some entertainment to veg out to. The only problem was that my boyfriend was not watching. He sat down with us and promptly fell asleep on the couch. That in itself is not very interesting, but it led to a fairly amusing incident when the girl in the movie said, “Excuse me sir?” My boyfriend immediately, from his sleep said, “What?” I thought this was so hilarious that I immediately cracked up laughing. This stirred him to consciousness a bit more, and I said, “Sir, it was the movie.” My boyfriend said, “Just keep laughing….” menacingly but it was too late, I was back in hysterics.

This got me thinking, though, about the fact that he is obviously more used to being addressed as, “Sir” than by his name. Is this how we know that someone has crossed over from Top to Dom? Do any of you have similar experiences? It’s very evident to me that this is part of his self identity, if he is responding that way in the midst of sleep. I wonder what sorts of things I might be prompted to say in my sleep, and what that says about my personality.

May 3, 2007


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Everyone has a favorite implement. Well, every top does. I’m not sure every spankee does. I find it very ironic actually that many of the implements I fantasized about prior to actually being spanked turned out to be some of the more severe ones . Interestingly (for me anyway), that knowledge hasn’t changed my fantasies much. I think if anything it’s just given me some perspective about why some fantasies are better left as fantasies.

I can tell you my “favorite” implement is a bare hand. This isn’t because it is more severe, actually I think there are cases where it is more severe than implements. I think it is extremely stingy, and depending on the technique of the spanker can be almost unbearable, sometimes worse than a strap or a paddle. The reason I like hand spankings is because they are more intimate. I like to feel a connection to my spanker, and I think being over someone’s knee getting spanked with a bare hand is one of the most intimate things you can do. Compare this to being bent over a desk, or grabbing your ankles and swatted with a board. They are two totally different experiences psychologically.

I thought since I asked about marks, it might be useful to also talk about implements. What makes a good one? Is the criteria severity (or lack thereof)? Is it the craftmanship of the implement itself? Do you have associations with spanking (such as school or home) that make certain implements more or less appropriate?

Once again, it’s your turn.

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