September 20, 2007

Short Story

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This is a story I entered in the Short Story Contest on Soc.Sexuality.Spanking. I’m not much of a writer in this sense, but I was convinced to try out the topic, and this was the result. There are a few grammatical errors I’ve noticed, but I decided to go ahead and post it as it was. I hope you enjoy it despite these!

His Belt

He is almost never without it. Thick and supple, he wears it like a lucky charm. It is always in front of my eyes, a constant reminder. This is nothing out of the ordinary. His fellow businessmen wear similar adornments. Yet, the click of the metal is enough to bring me to my knees. Literally: to beg, to plead, to surrender- any or all of these at once.

Alternately there is the command: “Hand me my belt.”

I’ve never known why it holds such power over me above any other item in his arsenal. What I do know is that I can’t encounter it without staring. Every morning I watch him put it on and I get a tiny thrill. The thrill is bigger in the evenings when he takes it back off again. Watching as he slowly pulls it through the loops and absently folds it in half, there is always a hint of danger.

Sometimes, after I’ve paid for my transgressions, it lays discarded on the floor for a time. Inevitably I will come across it later still looped and offering a silent admonition.

In public there are times when I think that everyone must see the power of that object. I wonder how anyone can go about her daily life without so much as a glance. I wonder how many notice that I can’t keep my eyes away.

And, I wonder if they know my secret.

September 14, 2007

Shadowlane Report - The Ballroom

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So, I may be the most tardy of anyone getting my Shadowlane report out. I just wanted to make sure that I waited until I was in a better mental place to write about something that was so fun! I figured I would take this entry to write about the big Saturday night event, and write about individual scenes tomorrow. So, without further ado, let’s get on to dinner.

I spent a long time debating what to wear to dinner with my friend Mija because I am not very good at formal wear. However I eventually settled on my black polka dot wrap dress and headed down to dinner. As is always the case, Bob the DJ did an excellent job of keeping the music going and enticing people out onto the dance floor. I especially enjoyed watching a friend teach Niki Flynn to dance the Tango and then seeing her perform beautifully!

I really enjoyed the Suncoast and they did not disappoint with the food. The buffet was excellent, but I most enjoyed the dessert table. I ate way more chocolate cake than I should have, but I think I earned the indulgence.

The biggest event for me, however, had to do with the London Tanner. You see, he and I have had a running joke for quite a while now that he was going to come to Colorado and marry me. We said that he, my boyfriend and I would all live together and I would work in his workshop. This was all very amusing for us, because we both know it is never going to happen. I love Ian dearly as a friend and I would love to learn his leather working skills! This does not change the fact that he and I are 100% not compatible for a long term relationship. I found it very funny therefore, when I arrived in Vegas and he announced that we would announce our engagement at the party.

It is partially my fault, but the joke got bigger and more elaborate all throughout Friday and Saturday. I told him I would not marry him without a ring, and the wonderful woman, Aurora, he attended the party with also insisted that if I got one, she did also. It was then decided that Ian would get down on one knee in the ballroom and formally propose. Leave it to me to underestimate Ian, but I thought he was probably kidding. No, he wasn’t kidding. He had to take the joke to its logical conclusion.

So it was that after dinner he seized the first available opportunity to drag me out onto the dance floor and drop to one knee. Bob the DJ would have played “When I’m 64″ by the Beatles if he had been able to find it. As it was, we just got soft music. I was so embarrassed! However even more embarrassing was having to spend the rest of the weekend explaining to well wishers that I was not in fact actually engaged to Ian. I do still have my VERY large glass ring, though!

After that the evening passed in a blur. I got spanked by Jeoffry very publicly. I also danced very enthusiastically(if not skillfully) to several fun songs including a very fun filled Hanky Panky in which I got to swat Mija, Katie James, Niki Flynn and Irish Red and be swatted by the same. Eventually however it was time to leave the ballroom and head off to some play parties. I’ll be sure to report on those next!

Here, have some pictures.



September 10, 2007

How To Comment

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So a friend of mine mentioned today that she wanted to comment on my blog, but she did not join my site and therefore could not. I thought this was strange since my blog is now free. As it turns out, when my friend pushed the “comment” button she was asked to sign in and assumed she was being asked for her spankingbailey membership information! That is not the case, however, so I wanted to explain how to sign up for your free wordpress account!

To comment on my blog:

1. press the “comment” button at the bottom of my post
2. click the “register” button
3. enter your desired alias and email
4. check your email, a password will be mailed to you

The end! I just tried it myself to make sure it works, and it does. So, if any of you were holding back on the comments because you thought you had to join my site, now you know! I hope everyone will utilize this information and start making comments! I promise to have something happier than my last entry up soon.

September 8, 2007

For Rusty

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Hi Guys,

I was going to sit down and write the next Shadowlane installment tonight. However shortly before I got to that, something else happened. I noticed my guinea pig Rusty was acting funny. When I took him out of his cage, it became clear he was really sick so we decided to take him to the vet. Well, he didn’t come home from the vet. He really was a light in my life, and I will miss him terribly.

I love you, Rusty! Thank you for making my life just a little bit brighter!


September 4, 2007

Home Again…

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Ok, I will write several posts on Shadowlane I think, but this is going to just be a very general sort of thing. I am very sore today. I’m glad my flight home was relatively short because I’m not sure I would have been able to endure anything all that long. Why was my bottom sore? Oh, because I was getting spanked left and right all weekend long. Ouch!

First I just have to say how fun it was to meet some of the folks I’ve chatted with online either for the first time or again. It’s always fun to reconnect with old friends and to put names to faces. That is the way the weekend started for me. After getting picked up at the airport by Ian of The London Tanners I eventually found my way down to the coffee bar for a wonderful meet and greet. This is where I came into contact once again with Jeoffry, Michael, Snickers, LV Racer, just to name a few!

That evening was the Vendor Fair and at this point the familiar faces expanded. I got to see again my dear friends Niki Flynn and her boyfriend Henry Higgins. I also got to spend a lot of wonderful time with Pablo and Mija. I also met up with Fireman Chris and sparkle . Everyone was fun, and the food was wonderful!

I had a blast checking out the different tables filled with paddles, videos, clothing items. I also loved talking to different people, but if I seemed to be aloof for any reason please blame the background noise! I had the hardest time hearing anyone this entire party! I constantly found myself leaning in and saying, “What?” and “Huh?” over and over again.

I got several spankings this weekend both privately and at suite parties. I will share those with you all in graphic detail, but I suppose that is enough to give you a general feel. There was also a wonderful dinner on Saturday night which I will write about separately. So many stories to tell!

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!

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