February 29, 2008


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How essential are panties in a good spanking scene? I’m sure it won’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where I got the idea for this post! I’m naturally sort of a well, natural person. I stopped wearing panties somewhere in my early teenage years and never went back. Perhaps slightly ironically, I never ceased fantasizing about having my panties pulled down for a hard spanking. That’s why you still see me sporting them for many of my videos.

Since getting involved in the spanking scene I’ve discovered that panties are extremely important to many spankos. Some types of panties really offend some types of spankos. On the one hand, you have spanking purists who hate thongs. They insist that they are ugly, inauthentic,and do not facilitate real bare bottom spankings. I’ve written about this over at the World Spanking Forum. Then there are folks like David who say that they are one of the more flattering forms of underwear for cute girls.

It’s true that some panties are more appropriate for certain scenes. White cotton panties are iconic for schoolgirls. It’s also true that a thong would be inappropriate in a historic scene. Regardless of the style, I think that many spanking tops would be disappointed to bring a naughty girl over their knees only to discover she is not wearing underwear.

Obviously this is important. I really want to hear some perspectives here!

February 27, 2008

Good Weather

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We had unseasonably warm weather this weekend. This was wonderful because around now I get to feeling pretty tired of winter. It was this combination that led to my going to the mountains with a friend. We enjoyed walking along the trail and soaked up the sunshine. Soon, we came to a more secluded area littered with large rocks. Can you guess where this is going?

Before I knew it my friend was sitting on one of the rocks and he was telling me to get over his knee. Honestly! I told him that someone might see us, but he ignored my protests completely. Before I knew it I was being smacked over my jeans and yelping as his hand descended firmly. It hurt! What hurt more was my pride, though, because someone did indeed see us. Several someones.

Apparently our secluded spot wasn’t so secluded after all. Most of the time my friend saw the people coming, but one time he did not. I was actually over his knee when the hiker came by. I thought I was going to die, but my friend said, “Hi there.” Personally I hid my face and hoped he would pass quickly.

It’s tough for me, because I like to make reasonable efforts to make sure I’m not caught, but it is a bit of a cheap thrill when it happens! Luckily for me, I still had my jeans up. They came down later, amid lots of protests. So did my panties. Nobody caught us for this, but I was sure someone else would happen upon us at any moment! That’s one way to enjoy a nice winter weekend!

February 20, 2008

The Belt

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Technically I suppose this is another domestic implement, but it has a very specific meaning for me. You see, while I play with all the other implements I’ve listed from time to time, my boyfriend and I have never done a play scene with his belt. In fact, when I first started modeling I was very reluctant to be spanked with a belt on camera. He and I had to talk about it. The reason for this is that he uses his belt only when I’m being punished for something real. It doesn’t have any warm fuzzy play associations with it.

Consequently, I probably can’t speak very objectively about belts. I don’t think they are actually more severe than any other strap, but I experience them that way. As with any other implement, some are worse than others. I know for sure that the belt The London Tanner made for my boyfriend will hurt more than the braided belt he wears with jeans. Dense leather hurts!

I do remember being surprised the first time I was spanked with a belt because it felt so solid. I’m sure it was due to my lack of experience early on, but I did not expect it to have so much weight behind it. This is another implement that can be used safely on the legs, and you can be sure I’ve felt it there many times. It also has potential for good welts, but I don’t think they are nearly as pretty as the welts left by a cane.

I do like that I can see the belt on my boyfriend every day. It really helps keep me focused on the potential consequences of my actions!

Kitchen Implements

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Now that I’ve gone through the big school items, I thought I would return to the home front for a while. Aside from hairbrushes, the biggest implements with domestic associations are the kitchen items, specifically wooden spoons. Once again, this is something that I thought about a lot in my early kinky history. In fact, the neighbor boy across the street used to be threatened with “the spanking spoon” often, and I always wished I could be around to see or hear it.

I’ve been spanked with two main kitchen implements: wooden spoons and rubber spatulas. Wooden spoons are a little bit deceptive because they aren’t overly severe. In fact, they have a reputation for breaking if used too vigorously. I actually find that very satisfying because as a bottom usually the implements win. It’s always fun when you manage to break one!

Even so, I find it very hard to tolerate wooden spoons. I find them so stingy as to be nearly unbearable. Because I am a small person I can’t enjoy anything that is too thuddy, but too stingy is just as bad. One descriptor I’ve used often is “it’s like bees!”

The rubber spatula is also pretty stingy, but it does have some thud to it. That weighted core where the handle goes into the rubber bites more than you might expect. Also, any synthetic material is going to be far more painful than something comparable made out of wood or leather. Rubber burns. Period. This is another implement that shocked me the first time I felt it. I just didn’t think it would hurt that much!

I think any good spanko household needs a spare set of spoons, just to avoid cooking with the same ones you spank with. Noone wants butt cooties in their soup, right?

The Tawse

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This is an implement that surprised me. As with the school paddle and the cane, the tawse is best known for it’s use in Scottish schools. I actually think that many Americans have never heard of it because it isn’t really part of our cultural history. I know for sure that many Americans don’t know how to pronounce it!

The first time I ever felt a tawse I was in England, and I thought it was the most pain I’d ever experienced from a strap. I’d say the atmosphere must have affected me except that I continue to feel that way every time I get spanked with one, especially the heavy three tailed tawse that I have at home. Seriously, no other straps compare.

The traditional use for the tawse is on the hands. This is another factor that puts it high on the big scary list. Hand punishments are among the most painful experiences I’ve ever had. I can only be thankful that they are by nature limited in the number of strokes that can actually be delivered.

Despite the severity, I do have a certain amount of fascinating with the tawse because of it’s history. It is featured in many works of great literature and plays a role in many of my early fantasies. I doubt I’ll ever totally escape from it, especially while I find myself at the mercy of kinky folk from the UK!

The Cane

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Of all the implements I love to hate, the cane is the one I tolerate the best. I can’t easily describe the pain, but it is somewhere between surface sting and deep burn. A very hard slash can feel like the the skin is being opened. An extremely hard slash can break the skin. But, rattan is not harder than bone, so even a very misplaced stroke is not likely to so the serious damage that the school paddle can. In this sense I have less fear about a caning than I do about a paddling.

Yet, it’s still extremely painful. Also, because of their being relatively less severe than the heavy wooden paddle, canes can be used on a really hated area. My legs. What the cane makes up for in girth it more than makes up for in the ouchiness on my legs. And, unlike the paddle which is immediately shocking but then fades, the pain from the cane continues to burn and build for several seconds. This is both a blessing and a curse, as an experienced caner will give you time to breath between strokes while the pain is rising.

The cane also leaves pretty cool marks. I think welts are interesting because they can always be raised on me even though I don’t bruise very much anymore. The ridges from a hard cane stroke are particularly interesting because they are double sided. This struck me as fascinating early on, and it was one of the first types of marks I ever got because the cane was the first implement other than his hand that my boyfriend ever used on me. That is probably part of why I am so partial to it!

The School Paddle

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This is by far the most severe implement per swat I’ve ever felt. It’s also one of the scarier implements to receive because I know with 100% certainty that if my spanker misjudges his aim just a little bit it could go from serious pain to serious damage. Also, because I have a tendency to move around when I’m being spanked, the likelihood that the paddle might land wrong is greatly increased. So, it takes much more will power for me to hold still.

The pain itself is stunning. I feel this way to an extent with every implement because I tend to forget how much it hurts. But, the school paddle will literally take my breath away. When I do find it again you can be sure that the noise that comes out is going to be loud and pained. Yeah, I know, I always scream. But, I think I scream the loudest with this one.

The only good thing I can say about the school paddle is that it leaves really cool marks. I think the bullseye bruises are extremely unique, and I do love marks. I used to mark dramatically from every type of spanking, but nowadays the school paddle is the only thing that consistently marks me. If I have to endure that kind of pain, I definitely think I deserve to have something to show for it!

The Hairbrush

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The first implement I want to write about is the hairbrush. Being spanked with a hairbrush is one of my earliest and most ingrained spanko fantasies. I think the reason for this is because it is associated with traditional domestic discipline. It also seems like something that might sting but isn’t really horrible. I never in a million years would have thought that the most severe implement around is a wooden hairbrush.

Not all hairbrushes are created equal, of course. Plastic hairbrushes, and some wooden ones, are generally hollow. They may make a lot of noise and they may sting a lot, but they don’t fall into the very severe category. Maybe this is what people are thinking of when they think of hairbrushes as a traditional implement in the home. Mason Pearson hairbrushes are iconic in the UK, and they are the hollow plastic kind.

Solid wooden hairbrushes are in their own league, though. I simply have no tolerance for this type of pain. They are definitely on my list of most feared implements. It is also is one of the implements that leaves me the most sore, I think because there is a lot of weight concentrated in a single area. I have one antique hairbrush from a particularly generous fan that is made out of ebony. Ebony is so dense that it sinks in water. I’m glad that ebony is no longer being made into hairbrushes because fewer and fewer bottoms are in danger of encountering it’s horrible bite!

February 19, 2008


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I’ve noticed in the comments that people seem to want to know about what implements I like and dislike a lot. That came up twice in my recent Ask Bailey post, too. The short answer is, I am a wimp and don’t like to be spanked with much of anything in the moment. But, I certainly have a lot of experience with various implements. I thought I might start a series of posts about the various implements and how I feel about them.

Are there any implements you guys specifically want to hear about? Here is a list of everything I can think of ever having been spanked with:

various leather paddles
various leather straps
wooden spoon
rubber spatula
rice paddle
cat toy
various hairbrushes
bath brush
slipper (traditional)
shoe (mens boot)
flip flops
various floggers
school paddle
various small wooden paddles
red meanie
remote control
carpet beater
riding crop
lexan paddles

That’s all I can think of. I can’t promise that I will get through the whole list, but it seems like it will provide a lot of options to pick from. Please speak up if there is one you really are curious about!

Real Punishment

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Although many people have fantasies about it, a lot of people discover that they aren’t actually wired for it. It’s hard for an adult person to accept correction and punishment for mistakes, especially when the person delivering the punishment is also a fallible human being. Still, almost all spanking erotica is about punishment. Even those who do role play and funishment style spanking are playing to the inherent kinkiness of adults punishing each other.

For me, this is a core part of my fetish. I’ve always had a desire to be in a relationship with real punishment, and nowadays I’m living it. But, as I mentioned above, it isn’t always easy going. I am still very likely to argue my way through the conversation, unless I really feel I’ve messed up. It’s funny because I often can see situations where I might be in trouble, but as soon as I am told that I’m going to be punished I find myself panicking and trying to find an alternative.

Punishment usually isn’t the most severe thing we do. Usually by the time we get to it, I’m in a pretty heavy mental place anyway. A severe spanking isn’t always as effective as a few sharp blows to reinforce a message. There are some notable exceptions, but those may be for a different update!

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