June 11, 2008

Fun In The Sun

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Well, I’ve just arrived home from the Florida Moonshine party and it really was a blast. I don’t get to see much of the beach in Colorado,so it was really exciting to be right on the water.

There are several highlights of this party for me. First, I’ve been waiting since before Christmas to pay for the belt that The London Tanner made for me. I knew it was going to be hard so I didn’t want to do it first thing. On the other hand,I’d been waiting for months and was kind of beyond wanting to wait anymore. I ended up receiving my six strokes on Saturday evening. Ian kindly allowed me to have a friend hold my hands down so I wouldn’t end up with extra strokes.

I remember being shocked at how quickly he demanded that I count the strokes. Usually I wait until I have my breath back,but Ian wanted the numbers right away. I managed it, but it was definitely difficult.

Other highlights include the massive schoolgirl role play on Saturday morning. We all had our uniforms inspected and Niki and I were some of the few that had no violations. Unfortunately my report card was not nearly as good and I was punished with a smacked bottom. It really stung!

I also came in second place in the spanking trivia contest! My prize was a lovely strap by the London Tanners made specially for the party. They don’t sell this one on the site,and it’s really beautiful. I’m happy to have it, although I will admit that I was less happy to bring it home to my boyfriend…

Overall a wonderful party. The organizers at FMS really outdid themselves and I’ll definitely be attending future events!

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