September 4, 2008

Being Sore

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“I’ll spank you until you can’t sit down.” This is the classic spanking threat,and it’s very powerful. Alas, after years of spanking play I’ve come to a conclusion: short of breaking bones, this can’t be done. If it could the folks at AEG would have found a way. They can, however, make it difficult to do so. Even more, they can make it hard for a kinky girl to pursue activities outside the studio.

I used to shoot every week. This was great fun, but let me assure you if I ever got spanked at home it was doubly painful. Being a spanking model is even better incentive to be good than a regular spanking. This time, I shot for the first time in a long while right before the Shadowlane party. The party was exciting,but play was a whole different experience afterward!

On the other hand, I actually think it helped my marks heal faster. All that spanking broke up the blood under the surface and they’ve already faded to near non existence. Timing really is everything,I guess.

September 2, 2008

Mr. M Makes Me Cry

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Last week I had the pleasure of shooting for AEG again after a long break. Actually, I wouldn’t quite call it pleasure because I’m very out of practice. I suppose that you all will enjoy it, though. Why? Because I’m always big on reactions, but when it’s been a while it’s all even more dramatic.

I said I didn’t really want to shoot with wood this time because I was headed directly to the Shadow Lane party the next day and I wanted to be able to play. I picked out three implements that I thought wouldn’t bruise too badly. Some people might think that picking leather makes me a wimp,but I assure you that Mr. M can make it quite hard. Don’t believe me? I’m sure we can arrange for you to experience it…

Anyway, I cried from the very first spanking with the *ahem* light strap. I couldn’t hold still for the second one, and when I agreed to be spanked with a hairbrush against my better judgment, it broke. My bottom:1 Hairbrush:0. YAY! Unfortunately,the bath brush he replaced it with fared far better the hairbrush.

All in all, I’d say it was a decent reintroduction to the world of AEG. I’m sure Mr. M will have many more opportunities to make me cry, and fortunately or unfortunately, they probably won’t be right before parties.

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