February 29, 2008


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How essential are panties in a good spanking scene? I’m sure it won’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where I got the idea for this post! I’m naturally sort of a well, natural person. I stopped wearing panties somewhere in my early teenage years and never went back. Perhaps slightly ironically, I never ceased fantasizing about having my panties pulled down for a hard spanking. That’s why you still see me sporting them for many of my videos.

Since getting involved in the spanking scene I’ve discovered that panties are extremely important to many spankos. Some types of panties really offend some types of spankos. On the one hand, you have spanking purists who hate thongs. They insist that they are ugly, inauthentic,and do not facilitate real bare bottom spankings. I’ve written about this over at the World Spanking Forum. Then there are folks like David who say that they are one of the more flattering forms of underwear for cute girls.

It’s true that some panties are more appropriate for certain scenes. White cotton panties are iconic for schoolgirls. It’s also true that a thong would be inappropriate in a historic scene. Regardless of the style, I think that many spanking tops would be disappointed to bring a naughty girl over their knees only to discover she is not wearing underwear.

Obviously this is important. I really want to hear some perspectives here!


  1. First of all, Bailey, you are the favorite spanking personality of both my husband and me. And, when Ms Burns or Veronica spanks you, it does not get any better. As Jeoffrey says, “Pumpkin’s bottom is so cute and she actually cries.”
    Well, Bailey, what is the point in being spanked unless it releases a flood of tears? The only time I do not cry is if the spanking is done wrong and does not meet my emotional needs.

    Okay the question today is all about panties. Personally I cannot go commando, and most people in the adult spanking scene in Hollywood know why this is so. Incontinence.
    Still, for a romantic spanking I make an effort. I like my black garter belt holding up blacked seamed stockings. To make life easier for my loving top I select silk black tap panties that pull down very easily and still look good under my black skirt. Those tap panties are big enough they cover my pads before and after my spanking.

    Your loyal fan, Angela

    Comment by angelabauer — February 29, 2008 @ 11:53 am

  2. Hi Bailey,
    I want to first tell you that I am flattered that you chose something I wrote for a topic of discussion. I certainly hope my comments were perceived as a compliment to you because they were. I do need to clarify though that I DO NOT think thongs are attractive, in fact I really cant stand to see them on women. I specifically illustrated bikini or string bikini panties as what I prefer my women to wear. We have all seen you without your pants on and with various types of panties and for me the bikini or string bikini look best on your beautiful bottom. That’s what I would want every woman with a nice bottom to have on.
    Those boy shorts as well as tap panties like Angela wears raise question with me, why would an attractive women who most likely wears a bikini on the beach wear anything but bikini panties? I don’t get it. I have always believed that you can tell alot about a woman by the panties she wears and sexy, bikini panties which leave “a little” to the imigination are the way to go.
    As far as types of panties relating to spanking a woman. First and foremost they should be sexy and some what revealing which boy shorts needless to say aren’t somewhat revealing cause they just about cover everything. Like Angela said panties should provide some protection from the spanking implements so that the woman experiences the difference between getting spanked with her panties on as apposed to her bare bottom. I have seen you and other women (on the Realspankings sites and the likes) having your skirts lifted or pants taken down only to reveal a thong or G-string underneath. Here is the problem with that; you go from being spanked over your jeans or skirt to a bare bottom spanking bypassing the “middle phase” which is being spanked on your panties. There progression to the bare bottom is not gradual and that in my opinion cheats both top and bottom as well as us subscribers. Here is another crazy thing I see constantly is the spanker pulling down a thong or G-string. How rediculous is that? The woman’s bottom is not protected at all when she is wearing a thong so why bother pulling them down? Please don’t tell me the whole emotional or embarrasment feature cause the bottom is already exposed. The purpose of lowering a woman’s panties is to first and foremost expose is to create a bare bottom. Getting spanked on her panties obviously hurts more and she starts to imagine what it is going to be like when the panties come down. Once she feels him slip his fingers inside the waist band of her panties the endorfins are probably off the chart because she knows what’s next…bare bottom and “Oh my God” this is going to hurt. Lowering the pants, then the panties automatically produces the embarrasment feature.
    My girlfriend once told me ” that she never would have thought a piece of material would make so much of a difference” refering to a pair of satin bikini panties from Victoria’s Secret. There another topic for you….Underwear manufacturers.
    Another thing I don’t get are the “seat cover” briefs that are being seen alot on spankees. Once again I’ll guarantee those women wearing them in the spanking industry, are not wearing swim suits that look like that, they’re wearing bikini or string bikini.
    I think it is extremely sexy to see you women wearing your R.S. Institute uniforms and then watching that skirt lifted to reveal what’s underneath. Hopefully it is what a modern woman with a great bottom should have on…bikini or string bikini of all types and makers, not the same white cotton bikini panties although I am greatfull for them being bikini. Let’s face it there are hundreds of makers out there and every woman has a preference which would explain seeing a variety and not just white bikini. The embarassment takes place when someone such as your teacher (R.S.I.) tells you that you are going to be spanked and then lifts your skirt and sees what only private people in one’s life are supposed to see. So if there are a variety of colors, styles, fabrics, makers of bikini or string bikini panties worn it would make sense and be very hot while still having all three phases of spanking preserved….over skirt, over panties, bare bottom. This should produce profits as with paid sites as well as stimulating spanking sessions for the pro and in the private sector.
    I would love to continue to discuss this but I have used up alot of your blog space. If you would like to hear more and don’t mind me being lengthy just let me.
    I love seeing you in bikini or string bikini panties while spanked Bailey. Keep up the good work,

    Comment by david — February 29, 2008 @ 4:36 pm

  3. Hi David,

    Sorry for the misunderstanding, I thought “string bikini” panties referred to a g string style thong. :)

    Comment by Bailey — February 29, 2008 @ 6:25 pm

  4. Yeah, I think the strings of a string bikini are at the SIDES, and the sides only. The bottom coverage is more-or-less full in WIDTH (not a Brazilian, which bares the outer half of each cheek), though depending on how you define “bottom,” it may not be full in height, since a bikini bottom usually rides rather low, with the “waist” just above the top of the butt cleavage in back. At least that’s what *I* associate with bikini panties.

    However, I’m … puzzled by David’s insistance that whatever a woman wears for a swimsuit bottom at the beach would also be her natural choice for underpants. The two garments serve different functions. One is outerwear. The other has to go under the outer clothes, hence the name underwear. I’m certainly no expert, but it seems to me that some forms of underwear must be better suited to putting other clothes over them, especially anything tight like pants or a form-fitting dress. Full panties have plenty of area to cling to, so they won’t move. Thongs don’t have any area for the outer clothes to pull at, so they won’t move. But I bet bikini panties are caught in the middle, and keeping them in place as the outer clothes are puuuuuuulled on over them does not work well.

    That’s just a guess, though.

    Isn’t it ironic that spanking is the one place I can think of (outside of a clothing fetish) where it’s NOT sexy for a woman to whisper in your ear “I’m not wearing panties”? ANY other context, that makes a man weak at the knees. In the spanking context, the spanker thinks “Drat, you mean I don’t get to pull them down?”

    Well, MOST spankers apparently think that. I don’t. I think not wearing panties is just as sexy for spankees as for anyone else.

    As for thongs, they are the perfect compromise for two situations: Spanking someone I don’t know very well, or a spanking where other people will be present (like at a party). Spanking should be on the bare — the usual three-stage strip, as much as some may like it, is just a waste of time as far as I’m concerned. (And most of the people I’ve spanked at parties agreed.) On the other hand, all that needs to be bare is the BOTTOM. If a woman either doesn’t know ME well enough, or doesn’t know everyone else in the ROOM well enough, to care to have her genitals on display to them, a thong saves the day. (Although I will have to say, most to the people I’ve spanked at parties didn’t seem to care much about that issue — maybe being embarrassed about your private parts and doing whatever is necessary to keep them hidden is more of a guy thing. As well it should be.)

    Comment by Michael — February 29, 2008 @ 10:56 pm

  5. Drat, failed to proofread. I meant to type “most OF the people I’ve spanked”, but my brain apparently started paying attention to something else, and in its absence my fingers decided to type “most TO the people,” which makes no sense. My bad.

    Comment by Michael — February 29, 2008 @ 10:59 pm

  6. Panties. These have both a directly erotic and a spanking erotic content. The type of panties I like most on a bottom depends on how the play with that bottom is going to proceed. I don’t really like thongs, they seem like a compromise. However, several people have talked about the erotic attraction of a thong showing above the waistband on a woman’s jeans, so I have been thinking about that. Also, since your spanking in jeans in the Russian daddy position, Bailey girl, I’ve been thinking about spanking blue jean clad bottoms in general. So I might be thinking about an appropriate role for thongs.

    For party spankings, I prefer short skirts and cute panties. I’m fond of panties printed with sassy sayings that can be directly argued with, in a “hands-on” way. If the panties are coming down at some point during the spanking, I prefer ones which cover most of the bottom, but still allow a bit of the cheeks to be exposed so I can check the redness as the spanking progresses. I love a bit of lace at these edges. If the panties are staying up for the whole spanking then very brief or bikini is preferred, I don’t like doing wedgies, but I want to check, every bottom responds differently.

    For role play, especially in school girl scenes, I prefer authenticity. A uniformed girl in bikini underwear is not going to do it for me, knickers if you please. I do still like the somewhat higher sides and the bit of cheek at the bottom. For schoolgirl scenes the panties must not be overly tight or overly large. There is a wonderful thrill about taking the recalcitrant OTK and smoothing out her panties over her round bottom before the spanking starts.

    Comment by jeoffry43 — March 1, 2008 @ 4:37 am

  7. Hi Bailey,

    I’ve written about it before, but for schoolgirl or the domestic scenes with Mr. Daniel, I would love to see real full cut white or floral panties, or what some call “granny panties”. Hanes Her Way regular cotton briefs (not hi cut or bikini) seen especially appropriate. I do like that in several scenes you have worn floral bikini underwear in the past! :-)

    Comment by NapoleonSolo — March 8, 2008 @ 9:52 am

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