March 14, 2008


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Apparently, shoes are a very traditional spanking implement. I was never aware of this when I was young and forming my core spanking fantasies, though. In fact, when I did finally hear about shoes being used for spanking I thought it was very strange. It seemed “weird” to me. That is a little bit ironic I guess considering that fetishes themselves are not exactly normal.

But, the deeper I got into the spanking community the more I started hearing about shoes. The more British material I read and watched the more I came to understand that shoes are a longstanding tradition in many homes and schools. In England they call it, “The Slipper” and it is usually depicted as a white canvas gym shoe. It took me a few years, but I did eventually get spanked with one. Let me tell you, they hurt. A lot. Not just because I’m a wimp either. It makes some sense to me in hindsight. After all, rubber toys are known for being particularly painful. What are shoe soles made of? Yeah. Rubber.

Other shoes I’ve been spanked with include hiking boots, flip flops and dress shoes. Some are definitely worse than others. Do you have experience with shoes? To be honest I can think of very few videos that depict this, other than a couple of flip flop scenes. Is this something that would be popular or not?


  1. From what little I know this is almost exclusively a British scenario, with one exception. The British call a lightweight canvas-topped, rubber-soled shoe a plimsoll (when I was a kid we called by the brand name Keds, and they were the only “athletic shoe” we were familiar with), and as you say, it’s apparently a common pervertible over there. I’m surprised more of the British videos don’t feature it along with, or as variety from, the cane. Years ago when the only videos I could find (and thus the ones I collected) were little snippets from longer films, and I was downloading essentially everything I could get (the newness of discovery hadn’t worn off yet and I wanted it all, good, bad or indifferent), so that I wound up with dozens of clips from all over, I still only found one or two shoe-spanking scenes. You’d have to ask a British spanking producer why they don’t use them more. Maybe even over there they are, by now, seen as anachronistic. Maybe the models or spankers don’t like using them. Heck maybe they’re seen as unsanitary. I’m not sure.

    The exception, when shoe-spanking seems appropriate in a non-British, non-plimsoll setting, is in an OTK spanking, where the spankee still has her shoes on, and kicks, and almost hits the spanker in the head, and out of self-preservation he takes her shoes off, and while he has one in his hand anyway, smacks her a few times to see how SHE likes it. I imagine that’s the context in which you’ve been spanked with shoes.

    I can’t imagine spanking anyone with a hiking boot. Seems like you might as well spank someone with a filing cabinet as far as unwieldiness is concerned. I guess whoever did it had large hands (and it was a small boot, perhaps yours), grabbed it around the toe, and smacked you with the heel. I bet that smarted.

    As far as popularity, well, a certain percent of the audience doesn’t care WHAT you’re spanked with, as long as they see a spanking. But for anyone whose opinion WAS dependent on the implement, I think they might agree with you that it seems weird.

    I guess one additional thing to note is that there are a certain percentage of spankos who are also foot fetishists. I don’t think the kinks are in any way related, but there’s no rule that says people can’t have two separate, unrelated kinks (or a dozen, for that matter). They would LOVE shoe spankings. Especially if your resultingly bare feet were facing the camera during the spanking.

    Comment by Michael — March 14, 2008 @ 9:35 pm

  2. Bailey, after witnessing your very fine introduction, at the hands of Ian, the London Tanner, to the “slipper,” I became enamored of it. I managed to find one on eBay. It is a wonderful implement, horrible from the bottom’s point of view. There have only been two takers at casual parties, but I am hoping to set up some “English School” role-play scenes for it and the cane. “Spot o’ tea, anyone?” Flip flops should be a big favorite at the Florida Beach Party.

    Comment by jeoffry43 — March 15, 2008 @ 4:42 am

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